The World is Bipolar, Unipolar, Multipolar and Non-polar

Burovsky Andrey M.
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Introduction. The article deals with the problem of the multipolarity of the
world on the scale of World history. The subject of research — is the folding of re
gional and global “centers of power” in different historical periods.
Materials and method s. An interdisciplinary interscientific method is used to
study the material.
Results of the study. The results of the study allow us to conclude that the do
minance of one or many centers is the same throughout history.
Discussion. The main tendency of globalist studies is revealed — they do not go
beyond the maximum of the last 300 years of world history. There is no search for
universal patterns inherent in the processes of domination of different states, regions
and peoples at all times
Conclusion. Studying the phenomenon of the “poles of the world” allows us
to see that such “centers of economic and political power” have always existed in
all regions of the Earth. The “poles” acquire a global character as the world econo
my and the world political system take shape. The modern transition to a multipolar
world from a shor t period of US domination is a short and ordinar y episode in
world history.
Key words: economics, politics, world order, globalism, civilization, domination,
center of influence.