Strategies for the Development of Russian Tourism in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Western Sanctions

Voronkova Lyudmila P.
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Introduction. The subject of this article is the processes taking place in domestic tourism under the inf luence of external inf luences of the COVID19 pandemic and Western sanctions. The purpose and objectives of the article are to show the dynamics of the recovery of Russian tourism, reveal the effectiveness of the measures taken and consider strategies for its development.
Materials and methods. The main sources of information were official documents, reports of foreign and domestic tourist organizations. The work included data from specialized websites, materials from scientific monographs and articles. The study used statistical and comparative analysis of the available information.
Results of the study. Various scenarios for the recovery of international tourism being developed in the literature. Most experts believe that overcoming the deepest crisis in the tourism industry is possible only with the combined efforts of the world community. In fact, support for the restoration of tourism turned out to be extremely selective, and above all, in relation to Russia.
Discussion. The situation in Russian tourism is complicated by the fact that it has been hit by antiRussian sanctions from the West. The path that tourism will
take depends on many factors. The most promising development strategy was the development of domestic Russian tourism. Government support programs for tourism have had a significant impact on the recovery of domestic tourism. Along with this, the tourism development strategy in Russia is focused on the creation of digi
tal platforms and the use of the advantages of modern information technologies in the industry.
Conclusion. The COVID19 pandemic and Western sanctions, along with the negative impact, have become catalysts for the development of domestic tourism, accelerating the solution of emerging problems and demonstrating resilience.
Key words: “coronavirus” crisis, COVID-19 pandemic, anti-Russian sanctions, tourism revival, tourist cashback.