Australia’s Response to the Challenges of Globalization: Economic Interdependence and Illegal Migration

Kochegurov Dmitry A.
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Introduction. The article is devoted to the consideration of contradictory aspects of globalization: the strengthening of economic interdependence and the increase of mass illegal migration. Taking into account the fact of growing importance of the Asia-Pacific region and Australia in the regional balance of power, the expedience of analyzing Australian economic and migration policy is justified. The experience gained by its government is taken into account as a response to global trends which pose a challenge to a nation state.
Materials and methods. The source base of the article are the documents, materials of foreign think tanks and media, statistics. In the research methodology,
the author adheres to a systematic and integrative approaches, which allow to cover all the diversity of aspects of Australian economic and migration policy at the present stage.
Discussion. Deepening of partnership between Australia and China and growing interdependence between two economies led to Beijing’s attempt to expand its political inf luence in the region, that met resistance from Canberra. Also, the growth of illegal migration led to strict migration policy by Australian authorities.
Results of the study. Australia’s desire to reduce economic dependence on China and reduce its inf luence at home has run into resistance from Beijing, whose eco
nomic sanctions however have shown little effectiveness. A serious indicator of effectiveness of Australia’s migration policy is the complete reduction of illegal migration and total control over borders.
Conclusion. The Australian case clearly shows us that when the political elites of a country correctly and timely identify the challenges of globalization, they can achieve success. The experience gained by Australia could serve as a guide and roadmap for other countries setting themselves similar goals.
Key words: Australia, globalization, China, illegal migration, economy.