Trump Administration Immigration Policy Priorities: Securitization of Immigration and New Social-economic Challenges (Part 1)

Tatunts Svetlana A., Ponamareva Anastasiya M.
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Introduction. The expediency of analyzing Trump’s immigration policy as one of the markers of the tendency to shift balance of power relations in USA under the “imperial presidency” new modification is substantiated. Materials and methods. The source base of the article was the executive directives and proclamations of Trump, international declarations, the results of opinion polls by private NGOs, studies of Russian and foreign academic centers, etc. In the research methodology, the authors adhere to an integrative approach. Results of the study. An analysis of the actions of Trump in the field of building an immigration policy and the specifics of their legal registration is carried out. Under Trump, the United States withdrew from significant international agreements on migrants and refugees. He limited the influx of refugees and visitors from muslim countries to the United States, and also set out to abolish DACA and halve leal immigration. Discussion. The administration’s attempt to restore order in the field of immigration without a comprehensive immigration reform, relying solely on a momentary, repressive measures, contributed to the polarization of society and the securitization of immigration issues. Conclusion. The politicization of immigration issues increases with the beginning of a new electoral cycle and the intensification of the struggle between Democrats and Republicans. At the same time, the social division deepens and one of the key elements of American identity is eroded – the presentation of oneself as a “nation of immigrants”. The abuse of this law in the field of immigration policy testifies to the drift of the American political system in the opposite direction to democracy.
Key words: immigration policy, Donald Trump, USA, executive order, proclamation, muslim ban, DACA.