Analysis of the Federal Republic of Germany Within the NATO

Lomakin Artem S.
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The article analysis the activities of Germany’s national armed forces within the framework of NATO missions. These activities hold particular interest for the study of Germany’s growing autonomy on the world stage. Considering the current state of regional security, the focus of the article is on the contribution of the Bundeswehr and the politicomilitary leadership of the FRG to a number of missions in different regions of the world, which allows to consider Germany as a state that seeks to play a more active role in ensuring security in Europe. The geographic expansion of the Bundeswehr’s forces and capabilities as well as the intensity of the missions indicates increasing in autonomy of the Federal Republic of Germany on the international arena. Simultaneously with this growing independence, there is an increasing interest on the part of the German politico-military leadership to participate in the Alliance’s missions in Eastern Europe, where tensions are higher than ever before.
Key words: FRG, Bundeswehr, political-military leadership, NATO, EU, UN, military policy, political-military cooperation, special military operation, Ukraine, defense budget