Foreign Policy Orientation of the Republic of Serbia at the Present Stage

Bocharova Zoya S., Natzike Belike
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Modern international relations are experiencing extreme uncertainty, military and political polarization, which increases the negative consequences of interstate relations. Geopolitical changes associated with the collapse of states, changes from national borders and threats to the sovereignty of small countries are becoming a factor of instability. The Republic of Serbia is a vivid example of this regard. The purpose of this article is to investigate the factors determining the foreign policy guidelines on the Republic of Serbia at the present stage. The specificity of the place of Serbia in the world arena is determined by its strategic geopolitical position and aspiration for dominance in the Western Balkans and the Non-Aligned Movement. It has been revealed that the stability of the foreign policy of the Republic of Serbia is given by the awareness of the goals of national security, multi-vector strategy “four pillars”. Realizing that confrontation with the world political relations contributes to their imbalance and destabilization, Serbia declares a policy of neutrality and maneuvering in order to preserve its sovereignty and identity, to avoid excessive pressure of the dominant powers. The European foreign policy vectors remain a priority to Serbia. But on the way to European Union membership, there are unresolved problems related to the recognition of Kosovo independence, sanctions against Russia, anti-American sentiments of the majority of the population. At the same time, Serbia realizes the economic advantages of cooperation not only with the EU, but also with China, and pragmatically relies on Russia’s support in solving economic problems and the Kosovo issue. Factors shaping Serbia’s foreign policy are multilateral diplomacy, multilateral cooperation, non-use of force, peaceful mediation and peacemaking, and a desire for peaceful political resolution of conflicts.
Key words: foreign policy course, foreign policy priorities, foreign policy, Re8 public of Serbia, China, Russia, EU, USA.