Political Aspects of the Iran-China Agreement on the Universal Cooperation: Rapprochement of Iran and China in the Context of the Opposition to the USA

Ebrahimitorkaman Ali
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The article discusses the comprehensive agreement between Iran and China on comprehensive strategic cooperation reached in March 2021, which the parties came to three years after the US withdrew from the nuclear agreement with Iran, in the context of the development of Iranian-Chinese relations at the present stage that have reached the level of strategic partnership. During the presidency of Donald Trump, China and especially Iran were subjected to serious political and economic pressure, which, on the one hand, led to a decrease in Iranian-Chinese economic cooperation, and on the other hand, greatly contributed to the political rapprochement of the two countries and ultimately helped to reach a strategic agreement. According to it, China will modernize Iran’s infrastructure and invest $400 billion in its economy in exchange for a discount on the purchase of Iranian oil. Despite optimistic expectations, the actual results of the implementation of the agreement turned out to be unsatisfactory: trade and investment did not grow as quickly as expected. This is due to the reluctance of Chinese companies to fall under US sanctions. However, the serious development of trade and economic cooperation with Iran is, of course, a long-term goal of the PRC leadership. Further implementation of the agreement will depend on China’s intentions and its willingness to worsen relations with its largest trading partner, the United States. If the US returns to the nuclear agreement and lifts sanctions, full implementation of the agreement can be expected.
Key words: Iran, China, energy, strategic cooperation, comprehensive agreement