World Dynamics and the Russian Project of a New World Order

Ilyin Ilya V.
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Abstract. This paper was prepared based on the materials of the same name report, made by the author at the plenary session of VII Scientific and Practical Conference of Russian Analysts at the INION RAS on October 20, 2022. The main methodological approach to the study of global processes is an interdisciplinary system analysis, supported by the active use of mathematical modeling. This paper not only assesses the current processes of phase transition in global
development, analyzes them from the point of view of various scenarios for its implementation, but also puts forward proposals for the actions of our country in new, unique for world history, conditions. An important conclusion of the report and article is a reasonable assumption about the special significance of Russia in the process of forming a new world order as the ideological core of this process and the basis for its resource support.
Key words: world order models, world dynamics, global development scenarios, future design, Russia.