Stages of Development of the Eurasian Economic Union: Lessons and Prospects

Molchanova Natalia P., Kokov Alikhan M.
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The relevance of the research topic is due to the controversial nature of the formation of international regional integration in the Eurasian space. The purpose of the study is to examine in historical retrospect the patterns of formation of the EAEU, identify priority directions for its development and activities to overcome the challenges facing member countries. The object of the study is a set of relations, during the formation of which various aspects of productive interstate cooperation arose and developed in the space of the former USSR: political, economic, cultural. The subject of the study is the prerequisites, principles and mechanisms of international regional integration in the Eurasian space in the context of global political processes (using the example of the EAEU). The chronological scope of the study covers the period from 1994 to the present. The work uses general scientific approaches (dialectical, historical, civilizational), methods of expert assessments, comparative and content analysis. When justifying the feasibility of using reliable legal conditions for activity, the principles of mutual trust and participation of the parties, as well as recognition of the national interests of partner countries, a special terminology was used. The presented topic requires further research due to the fact that the evolutionary developing international relations considered in the economic space of the EAEU are closely intertwined with the dynamically changing geopolitical situation, as a result of which their constant study is required on the basis of systemic analysis.
Key words: regional integration union, international relations, continental Eurasian partnership, geopolitics, friendly countries, macroeconomics.