The Study of Cultural Diplomacy as Part of the Cultural Strategies of the People’s Republic of China: Approaches of Various Experts

Romanova Ekaterina A.
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In the 21st century, culture is becoming a more important component in international relations, where cultural diplomacy is gradually turning into the most effective method of fighting in the international space. The aim of the work is to analyze the methodology, approaches and research of China’s cultural diplomacy by both European and Chinese experts. The main sources of information were the materials of Chinese and European researchers. Among them, attention was drawn to scientific monographs and articles by leading researchers in China and Europe. Historical and comparative analysis of available information is applied. States, individual regions are striving to implement various types of cultural exchange events, the level of which has reached an unprecedented level over the past ten years. In this regard, there are various methods and approaches to studying the cultural diplomacy of the PRC. Depending on the tasks set within the historical period, there are differences in the achieved scientific results. At present, profound changes are taking place in the world, culture is increasingly becoming an important factor in international competition, and the status and role of cultural diplomacy in the country’s foreign policy agenda are becoming increasingly important. The cultural policy of “soft power” carried out by the Chinese government in the process of intercultural exchanges is becoming an increasingly obvious tool for demonstrating China’s state power, and the development of cultural strategies that would mitigate the negative effects of globalization and the protection of traditional national culture have become the most important tasks in the strategic series of cultural development. China in the 21st century.
Key words: globalization, diplomacy, China, cultural diplomacy, methodology, cultural strategies, cultural exchange, new era.